The guide to buying the best cold press juicer | More juice, less waste!

With the market inundated with juicers, we are here to cut through the chaos and help you buy the best cold press juicer.

Types of Cold Press Juicers 

A high-quality cold press juicer is a great way to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. There are two main types of cold press juicers.

Vertical Masticating Juicers 

These juicers use a dual-stage juice extraction process to crush fruits/vegetables making the juice nutritionally dense. These vertical juicers are typically built tall, compact, and occupy slightly more space than horizontal masticating juicers. However, they are incredibly easy to operate and are best for getting cold-pressed juices faster. 

Horizontal Masticating Juicer (Slow Juicer)

Slow juicers are time-tested, classic cold press juicers that have been in the market for ages. With green smoothies trending, these are incredible for juicing leafy vegetables. Their slower speed reduces the oxidation that happens with juices making it a great choice for certain fruits. Some horizontal masticating juicers also allow you to make pasta or mince things. So, if you are a person who loves to have juices and make other such stuff this is a great juicer for you.

Advantages of Cold Press Juicers

  1. High levels of nutrient retention for more flavourful, richer juices.
  2. Extract higher amounts of juice as compared to centrifugal juicers. 
  3. Juices made using cold press juicers have a higher shelf life. 
  4. Super easy to clean offering you hassle-free maintenance. 
  5. Operate at a lower speed and greatly reduce oxidation and heat generation.
  6. Silent operation eliminates the annoying whirring that comes with centrifugal juicers.

Common Pain Points of Cold Press juicers


Cold press juicers tend to produce a higher amount of pulp. This needs to be considered if you are someone who prefers low pulp juice. Keep in mind that the pulpy bits have all the goodness and are chock full of nutrients.


The time spent in making the juices is longer than centrifugal juicers as cold press juicers are slightly slower. Additionally, you need to cut and prepare the fruits and vegetables ahead of time. However, given that the end result is fantastic, prepping ahead can actually help you save time.


Cold press juicers tend to be slightly heavier than normal juicers. A good way to overcome this is by allotting counter space or pushing it to a corner when not in use.


While cold press juicers are slightly on the higher end of the price scale, we believe they are a great investment when you consider the health benefits they offer. 

Features to consider before buying cold press juicers in India

What makes cold press juicers the best? What are the features of the best cold press juicers in India and where can you buy them? Read on to find out.

The Design

While cold press juicers are compact, it is important to figure out which design appeals to you and why. While aesthetics play an important role in your choice of a juicer, there are other factors to weigh in on. Colours aside, it is important to figure out which model and brand will be your best choice based on the kitchen space available, the frequency of usage, and the kind of use you will be putting it to.

Pulp Yield

With rising awareness about seasonal eating, cold press juicers will help you hit your micro and macronutrient quota through their high nutritive retention. However, there is quite a bit of pulp retained. This translates to higher fibre content, better taste, and more flavour. Pulp yield is an important factor to consider prior to buying a cold press juicer.

A higher pulp-yield ratio would be the best as it would mean the juicer is definitely worth the money.

Ejection of Pulp

Another important aspect that should be considered is the pulp ejection mechanism. Generally, cold press juicers have an internal or external container that collects the pulp of the fruits or vegetables being processed. 

Having an external pulp ejection system is easier to maintain, saving you the labour-intensive task of cleaning up multiple times during one shot of juicing. For instance, if an internal pulp ejection system is present, you would need to stop the juicer and empty the container before using it for another round of juice making, each time. 

Motor Function

Motor power is a crucial factor to be evaluated. If you intend to juice leafy vegetables, the juicer would need a higher motor power - say a minimum of 400 watts. Similarly, if you need to make large volumes of juice on a regular basis, it is advisable to have a juicer with high motor power. 

However, if the frequency of usage is going to be low and you are not going to be using it for leafy vegetables, a juicer with lower motor power would be suitable.

Noise Level

With numerous appliances such as the blender, grinder, and cooker all running together, we do not need to add to the noise level. Typically, cold press juicers do not generate a lot of noise in contrast to centrifugal juicers.

If you are someone who intends to use juicers on a daily basis and for longer periods, we recommend you check it out at a store. This will help you assess the noise level better and see what works for you. However, the best cold press juicers don’t make much noise and operate almost silently.


This is a feature that is a game-changer. Conventionally, people prefer juicers with high speeds as the whole process is faster. However, high speeds are not ideal as they tend to generate elevated levels of heat. This leads to the loss of important micronutrients available in fruits and vegetables. So, the best cold press juicer out there is the one that does not operate at a very high speed. For cold press juicers, this can be as low as 40-80 rpm.

Heat Generation

This is a big no for the reasons stated above. As the blades spin faster, the heat generated is higher. Heat adversely affects the fibre, vitamins, and minerals contained in the fruits and vegetables by oxidizing them. To retain a higher amount of micronutrients it is essential that the heat generation is minimal. The best cold press juicers operate at lower speeds and generate very less heat which results in high bioavailability of nutrients.

Feeder Tube Dimensions

Cold press juicers require fruits/vegetables to be cut to fit into the feeder tube. If the tube is small, it would mean more work in prepping as the pieces need to fit inside comfortably.

This makes it important to assess the dimensions of the feeder tube. The feeding tube needs to be big enough and wide enough to enable the user to put large pieces. This would save time and effort in the juice-making process. 

Time to clean

The best cold press juicers are not only efficient in extracting the juice but simplify the cleaning as well. If the cleaning is time-consuming, it is an instant turn off.  Most people don’t have too much time and it can get pretty frustrating if the cleaning is very labour-intensive. Juicers with lesser parts and wider feeder tubes are ideal buys as they are easy to clean.


An ideal cold press juicer is efficient and easy to use. The entire process ranging from assembling, juice extraction, disassembling to cleaning, should be smooth and hassle-free. It shouldn’t require too many steps and needs to be convenient. If the thought of using the juicer puts you off, it is not worth it.

Look at the various parts, how easy they are to clean, the size of the pieces to be chopped and added, and so on. This will make the decision that much easier. 

Availability of spare parts

A significant factor to consider is the availability of its spare parts. Buying the best cold press juicer in the world is not going to mean anything if you are not able to get it fixed. It would only be sitting pretty on your shelf rendering it useless.

Look at the brands whose spare parts are available locally and figure out which are the best cold press juicers in India. This would make replacing spare parts easier and more economical. So, before deciding on a cold press juicer, we recommend looking for dealers of the particular brand in nearby areas and the availability of spare parts on offline and online platforms.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews make or break the brand. Shortlist your favourite cold press juicers and go over the reviews and customer ratings. These will be available on the brand website and on online e-commerce platforms. 

These platforms have stringent guidelines and customer reviews are based on actual user experience. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from specific cold press juicers and which cold press juicer has the best ratings in India. 

Additionally, they will also help you understand the features that are absolutely essential for you based on your routine and requirements. 

The best brands in the market

When buying a cold press juicer there are multiple options available in the market today. However, choosing the best cold press juicer for you requires understanding each brand’s reputation concerning the usage, quality, longevity, and utility of their products. 

In addition to these functionalities, factors like price range, customer support, warranties offered should be taken into consideration. 

After-sales customer service

The best cold press juicers are not only those that function well but also provide efficient after-sale customer service. While this aspect is often ignored, the availability and quality of the after-sales customer service need to be checked. 

If the service is not prompt, it can be frustrating if something goes wrong and the response is delayed or inadequate. 

So, before making a final decision please ensure that regular and qualitative after-sale customer service and support is available for your chosen cold press juicer.

The Price

Well, we have arrived at a pivotal factor. Cold press juicers are generally more expensive when compared to centrifugal juicers. This is because the technology and parts that go into making a cold press juicer are different.

The pricing depends on the brand, the features available, the size and capacity of the juicer, etc. As a buyer, you need to take into account your budget, the frequency of use, available kitchen space while deciding on the brand and model.

Where to buy Cold Press Juicers in India?

While there are several brands available, Hestia is one of the best cold press juicers in India. Hestia’s range of cold press juicers is of the highest quality and very reasonably priced. 

By leveraging advanced technology such as the patented hand-like Auger, Hestia helps retain natural flavour, original colour, up to 3x vitamins, and up to 4x nutrition. Let’s compare the top two cold press juicers by Hestia.

Hestia’s Nutri-max cold press juicer in wine red is one of the best cold press juicers in India. Capable of juicing almost everything from fruits, nuts, and vegetables it comes with a 75 mm feeding tube and weighs 7.5 kg. 

Hestia Nutri-max cold press juicer in black steel. Chic and elegant, this variant comes with an 81 mm feeding tube and weighs 8.6 kg. Both these juicers are among the best juicers in India. Each juicer includes different strainers - both fine and frozen with high-performance motors capable of running for over 30 minutes. The icing on the cake is the warranty offered. Hestia offers the best warranty in the industry for plastic parts, electronics, and the motor. 

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