Super Creamy White Chicken Chili with Seasoned Tots

You need to be putting tator tots on your white chicken chili. That is the beginning and the end of this persuasive essay.

White chicken chili is already a top ten food for me, and this one is weeknight easy, just a little spicy, extra creamy, and uncluttered.

But when you take the chicken, white beans, green chiles and cumin and oregano wrapped in a blanket of creamy soup and level it up with the crispity golden bite of a perfectly seasoned tot? Oof. Wow. This is peak winter food.

I’ve always been extremely loyal to Sarah’s White Chicken Chili – it’s one of my favorite soups and one that many of you have told me has won you all kinds of awards at chili cookoffs. So the bar is high for white chicken chili here on POY.

But this new white chicken chili has earned its place on the site. It’s easier, there’s just less going on with it, and it’s a bit thicker and maybe even a bit more comfort-food cozy.

White chicken chili with tots. That’s my thesis. The end!

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