Padded Headband DIY

-1/4 yard of fabric that has at least a little stretch to it (I used this gold velvet)
–1/2″ upholstery foam
-scrap paper for template
–1 1/2″ plastic headband
-fabric scissors and straight pins
-sewing machine
-hot glue gun

First, you’ll want to trace your headband onto your craft foam. Use your scissors to cut out your shape.

Use your scissors to cut and shave off the last 3″ of your foam so the ends taper down to be thinner and it won’t be super thick behind your ears. It doesn’t have to be super perfect since we’ll place the cut side down, so don’t worry too much about it being a little bumpy.

If you want an extra high headband like the one I made, trace a second piece of foam from the middle 6″ section of the headband (to hive extra height at the top) and repeat the process of tapering down the ends like you did with the large piece.

Use hot glue to attach your foam to your headband with the smaller section in the middle first (cut side down) and then the larger piece on top (cut side down as well).

To make the template for your fabric cover, measure the thickness of the middle of your headband, the thickness of the ends of your headband, and the overall length of your headband across the top of the foam.

To make your paper template, mark the length of your headband, and at the middle point, go up on the paper and make a mark half the height of your middle thickness measurement. At each end, go up on the paper and make a mark half the height of your end thickness measurement. Connect the three points with a slight curve so you have a shape that looks like the one above.

Fold your fabric right side in and place your template on the fold. Cut out your fabric and pin the folded layers together.

Sew around the edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ gap near one end to turn your fabric through again.

Turn your fabric through the hole and slide your headband into one side until fully in, and then slip the other end in as well (this is why you want to do this with a stretchy fabric). I’ve noticed that depending on the fabric and how much stretch it has, your fabric cover may fit perfectly or may seem pretty big once you put it on.

So if it’s too big, make note how much fabric is hanging off each end if you center the cover on the headband, remove the cover, and remake your template to be that new length instead.

So if you had first measured a 15″ length but there is 1.5″ extra hanging off of each side, redraw the template to be 12″ wide instead with the same thicknesses for the middle and ends. Trace that new template onto your fabric and resew it to be smaller.

Cut the excess fabric and repeat the process of turning it and inserting the headband. If there’s any spot where the cover is not fitting as snugly as you would like, you can keep removing it and sewing that section a little smaller until it all fits snug.

Once your headband is inserted and you are happy with the fit, hand sew your opening closed and your headband is ready to wear!

So fun! Velvet is a great choice for these headbands as well as they don’t slide around as much as a more slippery fabric may.

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