Key Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Blender

Before we go through the nitty-gritty of buying the perfect blender for the kitchen, let’s look at some easy-peasy blending tricks to make your task easier.

Blending Tips and Tricks:

1. The perfect smoothie

Tossing all your ingredients into the jar and letting your kitchen blender do a few cycles is one way to go. However, to save time, start with the liquids. Next, add your protein powders. Next, add your chopped fruits and vegetables. 

So, how does this help? Well, the spinning blades of your electric blender start a tornado in your juices, sucking down and pulverising your veggies and fruit chunks. 

Benefits? You can get the job done faster with this smoothie maker blender, as you don’t have to stop to mix your ingredients mid-way.

2. Better Juice than your Citrus Juicer

To squeeze the juice out of your lemons, give them a good roll on the counter. Next, cut them into wedges. Now blend the wedges of one lemon with two cups of water for a minute in your kitchen blender machine on high speed. This will release the rind from the pulp. Use the pulsing motion. 

Strain and add mint and sweetener for the perfect lemonade. Fruit juicer blenders work just as well for citrus fruits. 

3. Fluffy Eggs with the help of your Blender

Whisk your cracked eggs in your mixer blender for 3-5 mins. Your omelette will not only be light but fluffy too. This works for your scrambled eggs too. 

4. You don’t need to sift icing sugar

Sifting your icing sugar can be an exasperating experience. It not only takes time, but the sugar spreads on all the surfaces in the kitchen. Just give the sugar a few pulses in your blender to make the job easier. 

But, let’s get down to the brass tacks. How do you get your hands on the perfect blender? Let’s find out.

5. How to buy the perfect Kitchen Blender

Your kitchen blender not only purees your sauces but also crushes, mixes, and even chops your food as per your requirements. Yes, that’s asking a lot from a single appliance. That’s why it’s important to get the right kitchen blender.

Your choice of the machine should depend on your blender use. Let’s check out the types of blenders and some key points that can help you decide:

  • Kitchen blender applications include grinding batter for dosa or idli, making smoothies, pureeing soups or making milkshakes. If you want more functions, it's best to select a juicer blender combo.
  • For frequent heavy-duty work, pick a food blender that has preset settings to make the job easier. A high wattage machine is a plus. 
  • If a blender is an indispensable part of your day, you need a model that will last longer, even if it costs a bit more. 

Points to consider before making your purchase:

1. How much power and speed do you need from your machine?

A lot depends on your lifestyle and your cooking needs. A small family with occasional visitors has different needs from someone who entertains a lot and has a large family. 

A blender machine is a complex piece of equipment. For a typical household, a blender with 3-10 speed settings is ideal. Less than three settings will not give you enough options. A pulse button is essential. It gives you the option of selecting the consistency of the product. This function is helpful when you are making smoothies, yoghurt, frozen fruits, or salsa, as you can decide whether you want chunks or not. 

So, what kind of power are we looking at? A 500 watts of blender machine is fine for a family. 

However, a 1200w blender has the capacity to run for a longer time at high speed without heating up. A good example is the IQ Blender Pro from Hestia. It has a 1200w motor, one of the most powerful machines on the culinary scene. 

2. Why is wattage important?

A high-powered blender can blend ingredients more easily than a machine that has low wattage, meaning less power. Your blender needs the power to rotate the blades. The more power you have, the faster the blades move, and it takes less time to finish your work. On the downside, it means your machine will consume more electricity.

3. Check out the attachments on offer:

Finding appliances that double up for alternative uses can be a boon. Not only do you end up saving money, but you can also cut down on the clutter on your kitchen counter. 

What are the options you should look at?

Personal cups - Whipping up a smoothie into your portable drinking cup is a no-mess, no-fuss way to a great morning. Once your smoothie is ready, you are set to go. The Hestia IQ blender Pro has a handy portable cup that makes it easy to enjoy your smoothie on the go.

Chopping and mixing jars - With sharper blades that have alternative functions, your food blender may as well be a food processor.

4. What to look out for in machines with attachments:

  • Check if your attachments will be replaced in case of a mishap.
  • Make sure that switching attachments are easy.
  • Beware of attachments with flimsy parts that break off easily.

5. Is it easy to clean?

When buying your kitchen blender, make a note of how many attachments it has. The more there are, the more you will have to clean. Also, look for blenders that have dishwasher-safe jars. Hestia’s IQ blender’s jars are dishwasher safe.

6. Check for durability

You want a blender that is going to last a while. So, check the warranty on your product. High-performance blenders have long-lasting warranties. Check the brand reviews before you decide on your product. 

High-class products like the Double Vac blender from Hestia have some of the best guarantee-warranty schemes in the industry. It’s a good idea to check out their blenders before deciding. 

7. Aesthetic appeal

Does your kitchen blender have an aesthetic appeal? What kind of colour options do they offer? While this may seem unimportant, you don’t want your red blender sticking out like a sore thumb in a blue kitchen. 

8. Check the safety issues

Blenders, by and large, are easy to clean and can be stored safely. Most people have blenders on their countertops where they are easily accessible. In this case, it's best to have cord storage facilities to prevent it from getting wet to avoid electrocution. 

9 Compare Prices

There are many kitchen blenders available in the market, promising great performance. So, how do you zero in on the right appliance?

The deciding factor is often the price. However, compromising on quality just because it's cheaper can land you in hot water. The repair costs will add up to much more than the extra money you will pay for a good brand.

So, which brand should you opt for? Let’s look at our personal favourites:

Dual-VAC Power Mixer Blender


Vacuum technology is innovation at its best. Hestia Dual-Vac power mixer blender reduces oxidation and foaming. This means better retention of your nutrients. 

The advantage of a vacuum blender is, that it doesn’t allow your food to come into contact with air, thereby controlling discolouration and oxidation. 

What makes this kitchen appliance a great buy?

  • The cross blades in your machine create a mini-vortex that makes faster and healthier smoothies.
  • The safety lock on your jar ensures that the blender will rotate only if the jar fits properly in the component.
  • The machine can blend sauces, smoothies, dosa batter or hummus in a matter of minutes.
  • Do you want to quench your thirst with a sorbet? Well, that isn’t a problem with your Hestia blender. 

IQ Blender Pro


All-in-one blenders have become a staple of kitchens worldwide, given the multitude of functions they can perform by themselves. The IQ Blender Pro from Hestia Appliances packs a lot of power to ensure all your blending and grinding needs are fulfilled. 

Why you may need this kitchen appliance?

  • The IQ Blender Pro packs a punch with its robust 1200W motor: get your blending or grinding done in seconds!
  • Both wet and dry grinding can be handled seamlessly with its six-winged serrated stainless steel blades.
  • Even with a powerful motor, the blender is energy efficient because of copper wiring.
  • Worried about cleaning up? The innovative pulsate function helps getting the appliance clean after grinding. To top it off, it’s also dishwasher safe!

Final words

Good-quality blenders may seem expensive, but they are worth every penny. They do the task efficiently and ensure you get the maximum nutrients out of your ingredients. Also, the smoothies you get with this blender have a thick consistency, making your smoothie richer and more delicious. What are you waiting for? Add one Hestia Blender to your cart and gift yourself or your loved ones! You deserve it! 

A great blender is an investment. Products such as Hestia give you years of stress-free blending, just the thing you deserve in your hectic schedule.

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