Geometric Gold Statement Earring DIY

– 1″ round brass stamping blanks (x4)
– half moon brass blanks (x2)
– 2″ bar brass stamping blanks (x2)
– metal punch
– gold jump rings
– jewelry pliers
– earring post and backs
– super glue
– fine point marker

First, you’ll want to arrange your blanks into the above configuration. The half moons that I bought already had holes in the right spots so I didn’t have to worry about that piece, but I did need to add some punches to the circles and bar before I could assemble the earrings.

The two circles just need one hole each to connect to the pieces above/below them, so that was pretty easy, but since the bar needed to line up with three different holes, I lined them up and used a fine point marker to mark where the punches should go.

I would mark the back of your blanks just in case your marker lines don’t want to wipe off (although rubbing alcohol should take off the leftover marks).

Once your holes are marked, use your hole punch to punch through each spot on the blanks. 

Use your jewelry pliers to attach your pieces together with 4 medium sized jump rings per earring. I like to have various sizes of jump rings around so I can have some options based on how far I want the pieces to sit from each other or how far apart the holes are. 

Once all your pieces are attached, use some super glue (I love that fine point gel kind—it’s great for crafts) to attach your earring post to the backside of your top circle pieces about 1/4″ from the top. Allow the glue to fully set, and you’re ready to get your statement on!

See? Wasn’t that easy?? I think these are sooo pretty, and I love that they have a little bit of 60s/70s glam as well with the geometric gold design.

These will be great in the summer to dress up a with a simple outfit and a messy bun, and I like that although they are large, the metal is really thin so they aren’t that heavy for making such a splash.

Since there are tons of shapes and sizes of blanks available online, you can get creative and make your own shape arrangement too! Have fun! xo. Laura

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