• A wooden base for your printing block
  • Foam sheet
  • Hot glue
  • Paints - we use water based printing inks
  • Paper - long rolls of paper if you want to make wrapping paper or smaller sheets of paper
  • Roller and a flat surface/plastic sheet


  • To make your printing blocks, cut shapes from the foam sheet and glue them securely onto the wooden base. We made a few different printing blocks, some with geometric patterns and others with organic patterns.
  • To apply the paint to the printing block, roll it out on your flat plastic sheet until you have an even coating over the roller. Roll the paint onto the printing block getting an even coating all over the block. Press the printing block onto the paper and apply pressure. remove the block to reveal your print.
  • To make our wrapping paper we used long sheets of brown paper and printed using blue and green paints.
  • We also printed in black over the top of some old colourful paintings to make new beautiful artwork.

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