8 Friendship Day Decoration Ideas to Throw the Most Memorable Party at Home

Let’s be honest- gathering with your friends at home is much more comfortable and fun. Today, more and more people are opting for Friendship Day decor ideas, interior elements, and an ambience that suits indoors. So, this August, why don’t you throw a bash at home? 

While we may have spent time chilling and dancing the night away with our best buddies earlier, celebrating the day indoors has an altogether different vibe. It is as much fun minus the traffic woes and the empty drive back home. Let’s dive into this blog for some creative Friendship Day decoration ideas for a party at your place.

Friendship Day Decoration To Redefine Your Living Area

Living rooms are perfect spots for your home parties. You can create a cool hangout place in your living area where you can chill and chat with your pals. So, include futons, comfortable sectional sofas, bean bags, and pouffes, so that everyone in the group has a place to sit and relax. It’s a happy day so you can pick vibrant furnishings to glam up the space. Pep up your walls with art and pictures from your past trips with your friends. Now you have a conversation starter for sure!

Friendship Day Decoration Idea: Introduce A Binge-Watching Spot

While the theatres aren’t open, you can recreate the feels with a binge-watching corner at home.  If you already have an entertainment room, make more room for your gang with recliner sofas and bean bags to create the perfect theatre ambience. You can watch a favourite show together or just revisit an old favourite show (F.R.I.E.N.D.S perhaps?) with your buddies. Customise your entertainment space with some fun friendship day decorations like custom neon light signs saying – ‘The Hangout Place’ or some cool TV show posters that all of you love talking about.

The Selfie Friendship Day Decoration Idea

Hanging out with friends on Friendship Day means a lot of photos and even more crazy selfies. So this time when you are throwing a get-together for all your mates, remember to include a selfie corner where your tribe and you can take some memorable photos. You can select any beautiful corner at home and decorate it with selfie frames, strip lights and more. If you’d ask us, the foyer area can be an excellent selfie corner or the space near your balcony. Ensure the lighting is good in these corners for some fantastic photos!next arrow

Friendship Day Decoration With Some Games

Games are an indispensable part of Friendship Day celebrations. So if you are hosting this year’s celebrations at your place you could have a game corner somewhere at home. Choose some interesting board games for the day. If you have space, a gaming room for your partners in crime can become the spot for the day! If you have a computer room or a TV room transform it into a gaming room with ambient lights and cool game collections. This way, you can chill and have a great time with your mates!

A Friendship Day Decoration Idea For Your Kids’ Friends

If you are hosting a party for your kids’ friends, then this idea is perfect. This image shows a playroom prepped up using Friendship Day decorations. It provides an awesome hangout place for the kids. Just ensure peppy and vibrant colours infuse liveliness into the space. You can either change your kid’s room or their study room into a play area for the day. Add activity-based spaces and game sections so kids can enjoy their time inside. You can use animated wallpapers to brighten up the place. You can also bring tent beds to allow your kids to experience an indoor camping adventure.

Friendship Day Decoration For The Balcony

If you have a small circle of friends or that one best friend coming over to your place on Friendship Day, then the balcony can be your go-to space. You can decorate it with fun elements like fairy lights and plants to keep the place fresh and vibrant. Hosting a daytime party? Consider bringing in foldable beach benches or patio furniture to chill with your friend in the open, sip some cocktails and enjoy quality time together. If you have enough space, set up an open-air dining table for evening drinks and dinners with your buddies.

A Coffee Corner As Part Of Friendship Day Decoration

If your friends are coffee lovers, you will love this idea! Add a coffee corner as a Friendship Day decoration idea. You can set it up near your balcony or have a coffee table in your living area to sit and chill with your gang, play card games, or just talk your hearts out. Here’s a cool lift-top coffee table with concealed seats.

Friendship Day Decoration Ideas For Dining Table

What’s the most fun thing you do when you go out with friends for a meal? You click Instagram-worthy pictures! You can design your dining area with a table that has a separate section to display all the delicious food you’re about to gorge on.  This gives you a tablescape that is totally picturesque and drool-worthy. Or arrange a buffet at home to display your dishes for the photos. Flowers are an affordable and quick decoration idea, one that instantly amps up the aesthetics of any home.

DIY Friendship Day Decoration Hacks

If you want to spice up your place with some DIY friendship day decoration ideas here are a few additional tips:

1. You can DIY your walls with old pictures of your friends in your living room

2. You can create some photo booth props like selfie sticks with ‘For The Gang’, ‘The Musketeers’ slogans

3. Put up a cluster of colourful balloons in your living room.

4. Pin up a message board where your friends can leave some memorable messages for you before leaving the party

5. Create a spacious dance section in the house where you can put on some music and dance with your buddies

There you go, easy and super fun friendship day decoration ideas that are bound to make your day memorable. So what are you waiting for? Start prepping to have a blast! And yes, a very Happy Friendship Day from us at Team DesignCafe.

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