7 Stunning Exposed Brick Wall Decor Ideas for An Envious Home

Exposed brick decor is an art piece in itself. It is perfect for minimalism lovers. It does perfectly with Scandinavian, cottage, industrial, urban loft, and vintage home interiors. Most of the time, it does not require additional adornment. However, here are our brick wall decor ideas to make it more striking.

White Brick Wall Decorating Tips For Living Room

The naturally exposed brick wall may seem too rustic to some people. A white brick wall is a perfect alternative. It adds a softness to the space. In the image below, we have used a customised multipurpose TV unit with an attached study desk and bookshelf. The light wooden laminate of the unit creates a bright contrast hue. We have wall-mounted the TV and added two floating shelves for additional storage.

Designer Tip: If you are on a tight budget, achieve this same look with adhesive wall stickers. It’s a great renter-friendly option.

Half-N-Half Black Decorative Brick Wall

The combination of black brick walls and wooden panels is magical for this home. The contrast of colours makes the living room aesthetically alluring. Coupled with that, the bright yellow floating TV unit with drawers is a great option to hide the messy items you wouldn’t want in plain sight. If this half-n-half style of exposed brick wall decor appeals to you, talk to one of our designers.

Study Zone By The Brick Wall

In the era of accent walls, the exposed brick wall is the quickest way to create one for your home. We have chosen red brick wall decor for this makeshift study/work zone in this apartment. Minimal accessories give an industrial-style vibe to the place. A black metal study desk and three-layer wall shelves in a similar style complement the other elements. It provides the room with a very edgy look. We have also placed a modular bookcase with hidden storage. Four seamless drawers are on the bottom to keep items organised and tidy. We have also placed a potted plant for the much-needed pop of colour.

Decorative Brick Wall Tiles For Bathroom Designing

For bathroom design, the use of white brick-pattern wall tiles is not something new. But you can play with these decorative brick wall tiles in many ways to make something phenomenal. Take a cue from the bathroom shown in the image. It’s the definition of luxury bathrooms. We have used a combination of traditional white wall tiles and decorative half-moon-shaped tile chips with midnight blue paint, which gives this bathroom an otherworldly vibe. The patterned floor tiles in similar colours complete the whole look. Try this at your home.

Moody Brick Wall Bedroom Decor

Take inspiration from this dark, moody bedroom. With just a portion of the exposed brick wall cemented, the bedroom gives away a mysterious, rugged vibe. It is primarily because of the dark four-poster wooden bed. If you want to incorporate this style, consider decorating it with a few mixed-sized picture frames, decorative string lights, and small metal furniture. You can also swap glossy ceramic planters with concrete ones to match the masculine vibe.

Stunning Outdoor Brick Wall Decor

Rarely you might have seen exposed brick walls on the balcony. Take inspiration from the image- looks phenomenal, doesn’t it? We decorated the space by handling a metal open shelf and a round-shaped wooden shelf. We created a comfy seating space on the modular, multipurpose shoe cabinet. We completed the look of this exquisite balcony with some green plants and knick-knacks.

Colourful Brick Wall Home Decor

Who said a brick wall only has to be red? Paint them green as we did in the image below and quickly transform the space without breaking the bank. You can decorate it with your favourite picture frames and create a gallery wall. The combination of white furniture and walls in contrast with the sage green brick wall looks fabulous.

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