6 Interior Design Ideas for Travel Lovers: Return Home to Comfort

This month, as we celebrate World Tourism Day. It’s the perfect moment to delve into the world of travel inspirations and offer globe-trotters some delightful travel-themed home decor ideas. After all, who doesn’t want their living space to inspire their wanderlust?

Whether it’s a wall adorned with a tempting image of Spain’s mouth-watering paella, a cherished snapshot from a family vacation six years ago, or a world map design that allows us to mark off each new destination, we adore these personal travel mementos.

Let’s dive deep into this blog and explore ideas that will inspire you to book those long-planned vacations.

Travel Wall Decor: The World Map

Incorporating a world map into your home decor is a beautiful way to showcase your love for travel. Look at this elegant living room with white walls and a striking black textured world map design on one accent wall. Complete the look with a sectional sofa and a hexagonal coffee table in wooden laminate to create a comforting aura in your living room. Now, here’s the fun part. Get some sleek wooden floating shelves next to the TV unit. That’s where you can showcase all your travel souvenirs and quirky knick-knacks from your global adventures.

PS: You can have a personalised world map accent wall according to your preference.

Travel-Inspired Room Decor: Keeping It Authentic

Take a look at this vibrant bedroom design. Its travel-themed decor is adventurous and incredibly chic. You can choose travel quotes, a city skyline, your favourite destination, or a world map to accessorise with photos and to-do lists. The wooden platform bed and matching side table add an earthy touch to the room. And don’t forget to hang some travel-themed home decor accessories on the wall, such as a travel bag, to create a space that inspires you to wake up with a new goal each day.

Travel Wall Decor Favourite: A Photo Gallery

We love this one! One of the most stylish and thoughtful elements in interior design is the incorporation of photographs. Why not create a collage of these cherished memories on one of the walls in your space? Our favourite is the living room, which serves as a delightful icebreaker for guests, enabling them to get to know you better. Consider using trail lights and spotlights on the false ceiling to draw attention. Don’t forget to add a stylish touch to the space with a vibrant camelback sofa, an accent chair, and a stunning rug. We also recommend choosing lighter colours for the room so that the limelight remains on your memory wall.

Travel-Themed Decor Ideas For The Bathroom

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a vacation is the ambience, especially those impeccably designed bathrooms with candles, wooden accents, well-organised vanities, and a spa-like serenity. Ah, we all deserve a break! If this applies to you, consider a bathroom makeover. Notice this simple and inviting bathroom design, featuring warm earthy tones and a white cabinet to maintain a clutter-free space. The shower cubicle features wooden flooring to create a rustic charm, while a sleek glass partition adds a modern touch. With a few strategically placed plants and the sweet scent of a cedarwood candle, you’ll feel rejuvenated, as if you’ve escaped to a distant island, far from the daily hustle.

Travel Decor Ideas For The Patio

This one is for homes with outdoor spaces. To your advantage, why go so far when you can simply step outside the door and experience the vibe? If you enjoy picnics with your family, barbeque nights with friends, and throwing house parties, you need to transform that unused patio space. This covered patio, with a wooden ceiling, features a bar where you can enjoy chilled drinks. The rattan furniture and two tall chairs beside the bar counter provide additional seating options for your guests. Add tall plants and night lights to experience those tropical beach-side night vibes!

Travel Wall Decor To Embrace Your Love For Wildlife

Express your love for wildlife in a remarkable way! While souvenirs and pictures are great, there’s a more dramatic option: wildlife murals. These striking murals infuse your living space with adventure and instantly become the centrepiece of your travel-inspired decor. Complement this theme with a sturdy, coffee table using a wood slice, bringing a taste of the outdoors indoors. Incorporating more natural materials such as stone, wood, and earthy colours will add depth and character to your space. Remember, the most exceptional homes embrace their true selves and passions, even if it means taking an unconventional path.

As you draw inspiration from your travels and experiences, remember that travel-inspired home decor extends far beyond wall decor. Your canvas for creativity includes patterned tiles, floral prints, teak wood furniture, and contemporary designs that can subtly or dramatically transform your living space. You can explore biophilic and bohemian designs for a peppy character. If you’re ready to bring your ideas to life, you can chat with one of our designers for a free consultation to refine your vision of your dream home. On World Tourism Day, may your home serve as a reminder of the beauty and adventures that the world has to offer.

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