20 Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas Trending in 2023

Blue and yellow are two of the most loved colours in home interiors. While the two individually create some fantastic home interiors, they also make a great colour combination. The colour blue brings in a peaceful and soothing ambience, while yellow imparts an instant liveliness in the interiors. This is why the colours together create a perfect balance of serene and lively interiors. Therefore, today we bring you a list of trendy blue and yellow home decor ideas to reinvent your place.

Our Favourite Blue And Yellow Bedroom Decorating Idea

The first one in our list of blue and yellow home decor ideas is this gorgeous bedroom design. The bedroom here depicts a warm and cosy ambience with a modern interior set-up — accentuated by a beautiful combination of colours and elements. The bedroom has a gorgeous royal blue accent wall that creates an impressionistic design statement. The royal blue wall colour is complemented with a vibrant yellow bed cover and pillow to create a peppy bedroom decor. To tone down the colour yellow, we have used white bed sheets and pillows for the bed decoration. The rest of the bedroom interiors follow a very urban set-up with a modular floor-to-ceiling, glass-front wardrobe, a contemporary high armchair, an elegant pendant light, etc. 

Another Blue And Yellow Bedroom Decorating Idea With A Study Unit

This is yet another blue and yellow bedroom decorating idea, perfect for young people. This bedroom features a bright yellow accent wall design. The yellow wall peps up the place — accentuated by a beautiful blue, wall-mounted laminated study unit with attached closed cabinets for storage. The room also has a blue laminated bed frame design that connects it with the study unit. The blue and yellow bedroom also has blue curtains and a blue and white striped rug that adds to the liveliness of the room. 

An Uber-Cool Blue And Yellow Decorating Idea For Living Room

If you are looking for sophisticated blue and yellow home decoration ideas, this one is for you! The living room here is decorated with an elegant combination of mustard yellow and matte blue colours. The colours are used to create a modern interior set-up that is subtle yet stunning. The mustard yellow complements the matte blue to produce a calming ambience — ideal for living rooms. The room is also decorated with rose gold elements that blend well with the mustard yellow. 

A Minimalist Living Room With A Peppy Blue And Yellow Decoration Idea

This living room uses the colours blue and yellow in the most subtle way. As shown in the picture, this is an open living area attached to an open dining area. While the room has a white and brown colour palette, we have used yellow and blue as accent elements. While the living area has a lively yellow couch that complements the earthy tone of the sitting area, the dining area uses light blue colour dining chairs to create an accent design. Together, yellow and blue make a pop of lively colours in an otherwise subtle interior set-up. 

A Turquoise Blue And Yellow Bedroom Decorating Idea

Here’s a twist to the blue and yellow home decor ideas. We have used turquoise blue as the wall colour in this bedroom — complemented with yellow elements. The turquoise blue sets a very soothing ambience for the room while the pop of colour yellow in the sofa chair, the pouffe, the wall clock and the bed adds dimension to the room. The room also uses blue and yellow decorating ideas to create contrasting elements like the bed and the sofa chair. Yellow is also present in the other little details of the room, such as the flowers, the pendant light strings, etc. This bedroom can be ideally depicted in minimalist theme urban homes. 

Light Blue And Yellow Kitchen Decor Idea

Do you have a straight kitchen? Here’s the best light blue and yellow kitchen decor idea for you! As you can see, the kitchen has a modular cabinetry system that utilises the colours blue and yellow to create a peppy, urban kitchen — ideal for small homes. The kitchen has a mixture of light blue and yellow colours in the overhead cabinets of the kitchen. The base cabinets exhibit a combination of off-white and pastel-pink colours. The variety of both colours creates a lively interior set-up that will uplift your mood every time you walk into your kitchen! The kitchen also uses yellow in the floor rug and the breakfast counter chairs to create the perfect blue and yellow home decor set-up!

A Refreshing Blue And Yellow Decor Idea For Living Room

You can also utilise the combination of blue and yellow more subtly for your living room, as shown in the picture. Here, as you can see, we have used a light blue wallpaper for the living room, complemented with a yellow colour pop in the sofa cushions. The yellow cushions on the off-white couch act as accent elements. This is an example of a subtle blue and yellow decor set-up — ideal for people who want to use the colours more lightly. The blue wallpaper is also easy to replace. Hence, you can readily apply it and then change it whenever you feel like it. 

These were some of the blue and yellow home decor ideas that we came up with! Go on, and reinvent your home interiors with these two colours. And if you have some more ideas, share them with us. You can follow our blog section for more of such fun colour-combination home decor ideas. 

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